Construction Certificate Service

After a development application is approved by a Local Authority, a Construction Certificate is needed before building actually begins. A Construction Certificate is a type of building approval that:

  • Makes sure that the detailed construction plans and specifications comply with the Building Code Of Australia(BCA) and associated Australian Standards
  • Certifies that the detailed construction plans and specifications are consistent with the Development Consent
  • Certifies that the relevant development consent conditions have been complied with

Complying Development Certificates Service

  • Complying development is a faster approval process, while ensuring stringent planning and environmental requirements are met through a set of prescribed approval conditions.
  • Complying development is development that meets specific standards in the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 
  • Although most complying development applications can be approved within 10 days, surrounding neighbours must be notified about development in residential zones before a certificate can be issued, and therefore these applications will take longer to approve.

Principal Certifier Service

  • The key role of the Principal Certifier is to oversee the development’s construction phase and inspect specified elements of works in their critical stages to verify that all appropriate standards such as the Building Code of Australia are being met.
  • If a critical stage inspection is missed, the Principal Certifier is required under law to prepare a report and determine whether works can continue.

Occupation Certificates

  • An occupation certificate gives approval to use or occupy a building (or other structure) in conjunction with the development consent or a complying development certificate.
  • When a development or work is completed a number of contractor certificates will need to be provided to verify that certain parts of the building are compliant with the BCA and Australian Standards.